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Information on the Host of this Internet Web Site/organizer

Diwali Mahotsav 2023
Mangalam HCRG

E-Mail: info@mangalamhcrg.org

URL: www.mangalamhcrg.org

With the purchase of a ticket the purchaser and the Diwali Mahotsav 2023 is becoming contractual partner.
The following terms of conditions apply to the festival visitors (in the following: “visitors”) and the Diwali Mahotsav 2023 (in the following: “organizer”).


Date: 04/11/2023 – Saturday
Start of the event: 16:00 PM
End of the event: 21:00 PM


With the purchase of a ticket the purchaser and the Diwali Mahotsav 2023 become contractual partners.

The admission to the Diwali Mahotsav 2023 is limited and only available in the online pre-sale through our ticket partner on our web domain. Unsold tickets are available at the box office on the day of the event if applicable. The organiser advices ticket purchase during the pre-sale due to high demand. Expectedly the following methods of payment are accepted: Cash and bank transfer .

The admission to the Diwali Mahotsav 2023 is granted to visitors of any age. An approval acknowledgement of a parent or guardian may be required to authorize admission to the Diwali Mahotsav 2023 if a visitor is underage. Tickets bought are not refundable. Admission to the festival is possible only with a valid ticket. The ticket is to be presented at the entrance. It is generally forbidden to sell purchased tickets in a commercial way.

At the entrance a security check will take place by Diwali Mahotsav 2023 volunteers and security guards. The security company is advised to do a body and bag check. The organiser reserves the right to deny the admission to the festival site in the case of important matters. An important matter is an obviously high alcoholised condition of a visitor, obviously inhuman, racist, homophobe outfits, as well as the entrainment of drinks and meals (not handed in voluntarily) and dangerous objects (weapons, pyrotechnic, intoxicants and others). An important matter also is the entrainment of recorders for sound and picture (for details see 9.) without permission. In case of a violation of the age limit for admission (in the case of doubt an age check can take place) the admission may be denied.

In case of a denied admission despite a valid ticket, the visitor has the right for a ticket refund, except the existence of a former defined important matter of denied admission. In this case the return/refund of the ticket is not possible. A damage claim beyond this is excluded. The ticket loses its validity by leaving the festival site and re-entrance is not authorized.


In case of the cancellation of the festival – before the festival begins – the visitors only have the right of the refund of the ticket price (except the pre-sale fee). An indemnity claim beyond this is excluded. Is the festival aborted due to an act of nature beyond control (especially weather conditions), official order or court order, the festival visitor has no right of a ticket refund or indemnity claim. Exception is if the organiser can be accused of wilful intent or culpable negligence.

The organiser reserves the right of changing the site, time and program of the festival. If the organiser does not use his right of postponement, the visitor can claim back the price of the ticket from the organiser. In this case the unused ticket/s is/are to be sent in clear writing to “Mangalam HCRG – info@mangalamhcrg.org” within 10 days. The account details have to be stated. The handling can take several weeks.

Program delays are to be accepted by the visitor, as long as the delay does not exceed 1 hour. The organizer announces changes as soon as possible.

4. Fireworks 

Fireworks is an outdoor event and, and as such is subject to the prevailing weather conditions. In the event that it is deemed unsafe for any scheduled display, event or activities to take place the Organiser may reschedule the Event or cancel it in its entirety. If part of the Event is cancelled, i.e. the firework display itself, the Organiser may refund some or all of the purchase price of the Firework Ticket in its absolute discretion but shall be under no obligation to do so.

The organizer institutes the following safety and security arrangements:

  • The visitors are not allowed to bring their own fireworks.
  • Make sure children stand at a safe distance from the fireworks.
  • Do not move to firework area, stay in the designated place.
  • Visitors with respiratory problems (asthmatic) are advised not to visit the event.


The organizer is indicates that due to high volume possible health risks, especially permanent hearing damage, exist. It is advised to use earplugs.


On the entire festival site the householders rights are in force and used by the organizer resp. by those Commissioned by the organiser. The instructions of the security personnel are to be followed. Any commercial action is forbidden to festival visitors, except in the case of a written agreement with the organiser, which has been set up in advance. Fighting, stage diving, crowd surfing and the climbing on stages, trusses, tents, tribunes or other objects are forbidden. Taking animals onto the festival grounds is forbidden. Any violations of these rules will be prosecuted. Should a visitor violate any of the afore mentioned rules and regulations, they may be expelled from the festival grounds. A refund of the ticket price, as well as a claim for damage compensation is not given.


Drinks and meals on the festival area are handed out in re-useable containers. Please respect the environment and dispose outer packaging, as well as any other garbage in the designated containers. Plastic bottles, canisters, glass container of any kind, PET bottles, cans and/or any other drinking containers, as well as the bringing of dining or groceries, hard packaging and cooling bags is forbidden. Contractual relationships to the caterer only exist with this contractual partner on site.


Taking pictures is allowed merely by mobile phones with camera function and for private use only. It is pointed out that live recordings are not to be uploaded online.

Cameras with zoom lenses, lenses to change and/or video function, as well as recording devices (MP3/MP4-Recorder, dictation machines and so on) of any kind are forbidden. Also forbidden are live recordings, which are done without the explicit permission of the organizer or artists. The organiser is permitted to delete illegally made recordings or to let them be deleted. The publishing of such recordings will be prosecuted.


The organiser’s liability is restricted to damage compensation – insignificant of legal base – to intent and gross negligence. No liability of the organisers is given for stolen or lost objects. The limitation of liability is not valid for damage through the injury of life, body or health, which is caused through the wilful or careless violation of duty by the organiser. The limitation of liability is also not valid for other damages, which are caused through the wilful or careless violation of duty or through a non-accidentally infringing behaviour of elementary contract duties by the organiser. The organiser is liable for his legal agents and assistants.

The organiser is not liable for the damage or destruction of any objects. The liability remains untouched in the case of wilfulness and carelessness.


The festival visitor agrees irrevocably by entering the festival site that pictures and image / sound recordings during the festival are made, which can be used free of charge for reports, as well as prospective advertising of the festival in the media. He also agrees that this material is used for sponsor acquisitions.


Subsidiary agreements, changes and supplements require written form. This holds true for the requirements of the written form itself. The law of the England & Wales is valid. If the jurisdiction clause is valid, the place of jurisdiction is London, UK, If individual regulations of these general terms of conditions become void, the validity of the rest of the regulations is not affected. The same applies for any contract gaps.