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Information on the Host of this Internet Web Site/organizer

Holi Mahotsav-2024
Mangalam HCRG

E-Mail: info@mangalamhcrg.org

URL: www.mangalamhcrg.org

By purchasing a ticket, the purchaser and Mangalam Holi Mahotsav-2024 enter into a contractual agreement. The following terms and conditions govern the relationship between festival attendees (hereafter referred to as ‘visitors’) and Mangalam Holi Mahotsav-2024 (hereafter referred to as the ‘organizer’). Mangalam is a brand name of HINDU CULTURAL AND RELIGIOUS GROUP C.I.C registered in the UK under Company number 11457478.


Date: 24/03/2024 – Sunday
Start of the event: 11:00 AM
End of the event: 16:00 PM


With the purchase of a ticket, the purchaser and the Mangalam Holi Mahotsav-2024 become contractual partners.

  • Admission to the Holi Mahotsav-2024 is limited and available only via online pre-sale through our ticket partner on our website. Unsold tickets, if applicable, may be available at the box office on the day of the event. The organizer advises purchasing tickets during the pre-sale due to high demand. Accepted methods of payment is only card and online.
  • Admission to the Holi Mahotsav-2024 is granted to visitors of any age. However, approval acknowledgment from a parent or guardian may be required for underage visitors. Tickets are non-refundable. Admission to the festival is only permitted with a valid ticket, which must be presented at the entrance. Selling purchased tickets commercially is strictly prohibited.
  • At the entrance, security checks will be conducted by Holi Mahotsav-2024 volunteers and security guards, including body and bag checks. The organizer reserves the right to deny admission to the festival site in cases of importance, such as visitors in an obviously high alcoholized condition, displaying inhuman or racist outfits, or carrying dangerous objects. Admission may also be denied if there is a violation of the age limit for admission.
  • Visitors denied admission despite holding a valid ticket have the right to a ticket refund, except in cases of pre-defined important matters. The ticket loses its validity upon leaving the festival site, and re-entry is not permitted.


  • In the event of festival cancellation before its commencement, visitors are entitled to a refund of the ticket price (excluding the pre-sale fee). No indemnity claim beyond this is accepted. If the festival is aborted due to uncontrollable acts of nature, official orders, or court orders, visitors have no right to a ticket refund or indemnity claim, unless the organizer is accused of willful intent or culpable negligence.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change the site, time, and program of the festival. If the organizer chooses not to postpone the event, visitors can claim a ticket refund from the organizer. Unused tickets must be sent to “Mangalam HCRG – info@mangalamhcrg.org” within 10 days, including account details. Processing may take several weeks. Program delays of up to 1 hour are acceptable, and changes will be announced promptly.


During DJ and dance at our Holi celebration, be mindful of loud music. Protect your hearing during these energetic moments. Enjoy the festivities responsibly.


Throughout the festival site, householders’ rights are enforced by the organizer or their representatives. Visitors must comply with security personnel instructions. Commercial activities by festival visitors are prohibited unless a prior written agreement with the organizer is in place. Prohibited actions include fighting, stage diving, crowd surfing, climbing on stages or other structures, and bringing animals onto the festival grounds. Violations may result in expulsion from the festival grounds without ticket refund or compensation.


If you purchase drinks and meals at the festival, they will be served in reusable containers. Please dispose of packaging and waste responsibly in designated bins. Bringing plastic bottles, glass containers, PET bottles, cans, or any other outside food or drinks is strictly prohibited. Catering services are exclusively provided by the on-site caterer.


Photography is permitted solely with mobile phones for private use. Live recordings must not be uploaded online. Cameras with zoom lenses, video recording capabilities, and other recording devices are prohibited without explicit permission from the organizer or artists. The organizer may delete unauthorized recordings and reserves the right to take legal action against their publication.


The organizer holds no liability for lost or stolen items, personal injury, health issues, or any other damages incurred during the Holi celebration. Attendees participate at their own risk and are responsible for their personal belongings and well-being.


By entering the festival site, visitors agree to the irrevocable use of pictures and recordings for reports and prospective advertising of the festival in media. Visitors also agree to the use of such material for sponsor acquisitions.


Supplementary agreements, changes, and amendments must be in writing. English law applies, with the jurisdiction being London, UK, if a jurisdiction clause is valid. If individual regulations of these terms and conditions are void, the validity of the remaining regulations remains unaffected. The same applies to any contractual gaps.

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between visitors and the organizer. By purchasing a ticket and attending the festival, visitors agree to abide by these terms and conditions.