Come, learn Hindi with us

Namaste! Our simple lessons are tailored to help you learn Hindi effectively. In addition, our easy instructions will allow you to learn pronunciations that will help you improve your Hindi quickly.

Our coaching effectively and efficiently teaches reading, listening, and speaking skills. We make learning a habit and seamless with various learning activities and interesting challenges.

  • You will be able to hold basic conversations with your friends and family members.
  • Be able to express your desires, needs and wants in Hindi.
  • Learn how to use right tense for right situations.
  • Learn basic and advanced Hindi vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.
  • Master your skills in Hindi language as our lessons are designed to make you comfortable in real life situations where Hindi becomes a necessity.

Did you know?

o Hindi is spoken by 366 million people across the world.
o English has borrowed a great number of words from Hindi such as avatar, guru, jungle, khaki, karma etc.
o Hindi is one of the world’s “Big Five” languages alongside English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.
o Hindi descends from Sanskrit, an ancient language as important as Greek and Latin in terms of historical and cultural impact.

Why Its Important To Learn Hindi?

The second most spoken language on Earth, Hindi is spoken by more than 500 million people worldwide. Learning a new language is exciting, improves your resume, and makes you more attractive to companies. Many chants for meditation are in Hindi. Learning the language might go hand in hand with beginning a meditation practise. In addition to innumerable fictional stories, poetry collections, and other literary works, Hindi is the language of many spiritual writings. Hindi has the greatest potential of all the languages you might study to introduce you to a genuinely unique world.