Outdoor Duo: A Community-Driven Website Where You Could Fulfill, Befriend & Date a working Exterior Companion

The Quick type: Outdoor Duo is actually a social website made to grow outdoor relationships and internet dating possibilities in america together with UNITED KINGDOM. Members can read through regional pages, join activity-based activities, and blog post in public areas community forums to generally meet fun-loving individuals with comparable passions. Whether you like hiking, biking, sailing, or skiing, Outdoor Duo can introduce you to individuals seeking an active companion as you. The friendly environment regarding the site has motivated numerous relationships and connections throughout the years. You’ll register as a member at no cost and start mingling when you look at the niche community. Outdoor Duo equips site visitors with they want to join several backyard enthusiasts on the internet and personally, very discovering someone to understand more about nature along with you usually easier.


Steve Howie, creator of Outdoor Duo, is a true outdoorsman. The guy wants roughing it for the wilderness and frustrating himself to visit exotic or isolated places. Sometimes, however, getting nearer to nature implies raising aside from friends or significant other individuals. Over time, Steve noticed how severe interests and passions he shared with his buddies could press significantly less enthusiastic individuals out.

“I had many buddies who’d fulfill a person that looked at by themselves as outdoorsy, but really they merely meant this short potter utilizing the dog through the woods,” Steve mentioned, “or a stroll across the clifftop before a pleasant coffee in a café.”

This disconnect would ver quickly become a sticking point that concluded the passionate relationships many of Steve’s friends. Most likely, if you fail to discuss your interests, what is the point of matchmaking? If a person person loves walking upwards hills together with other person likes sitting at home watching television, that’s going to come to be an issue. “For my buddies, there would next end up being a look of resignation, loss, and sometimes even mourning in their eyes,” Steve stated. “they’d become by yourself once more.”

Over a decade ago, Steve created exterior Duo as a personal solution for outdoorsy people contemplating walking, climbing, mountaineering, snowboarding, canoeing, cruising, and cycling together. “I started the website for my buddies,” the guy told united states, “in order that they can find some other person to follow their enthusiasm with and luxuriate in an entire existence relationship, not only a weekday companion.”

Nowadays, Outdoor Duo serves as a go-to marketing platform for outdoor enthusiasts in the UK (with a growing membership within the US). Whether you are looking for an amiable walking buddy or outdoorsy matchmaking leads, this website provides the community-driven resources to get you to one pleased rv.

Giving Outdoorsy Singles the Space to Roam & Find Fellowship

Outdoor Duo fosters an engaged society of singles searching user profiles and posting in public forums. Many consumers are over three decades old, living in the UK, as well as in the business for an enchanting companion who enjoys outdoor activities. Outdoor Duo functions as a bridge between those with similar passions.

Grownups usually have a more hard time making new friends or locating enduring interactions because all of us have already combined up, as they say. This will place people in a lonely mind-set. “I’ve had users chat for the awful isolation they believed,” Steve said, “and exactly how they withdrew through the globe, often withdrawing through the in the open air nicely, perhaps not wanting to stroll or cycle alone.”

Steve runs exterior Duo in order to connect individuals to one another through a love of nature and backyard activities. The guy operates the personal internet site on his own regarding absolute passion. It is a little operation with big dreams and a growing membership base. “we look at the site as something instead a money-making con,” the Founder mentioned. “Personally, the photograph section in addition to discussion board create all rewarding. Pleased faces in amazing places!”

Many people post pictures of party meetups by streams, in mountains, and strong inside the forests. Steve really likes watching his people taking pleasure in by themselves within the outside and hearing their tales exactly how they came across someone through Outdoor Duo’s open forum. Steve keeps the account charge low because his main mission will be start an environment of social possibilities to singles who enjoy a working life style and need an active lover.

“we motivate every person to get involved and relish the company of those you meet,” had written alpine hiker in a forum blog post. “it’s miles a lot more gratifying than just dating gay online hookups inside my view.”

The backyard Duo neighborhood is customized to offer hikers, backpackers, cyclers, and all sorts of sorts of adventurous individuals. “those who love the outside — and that I imply undoubtedly like the outside — tend to be particular,” Steve noted. “We are pleased to go all night, often in the pouring rain. We love high spots, scary falls, stone and ice. We love the task of rough sea and crashing swells, squirt inside our faces. The call from the outdoors is strong.”

An Invitation Calendar full of Fun Events

Outdoor Duo is focused on doing — venturing out and definitely pursuing relationship, really love, and adventure. There is activities happening all year long with this personal system. The Invitations Calendar gives you the opportunity to place yourself online and satisfy outdoorsy folks in your neck with the forests.

“in UK, the Invitations part has had down,” Steve stated. “It provides a means to meet others without the stress and dedication of a one-to-one day with a stranger.”

At an outside Duo occasion, there is no need pressure of a proper go out. You can easily meet a lot of singles in a low level event mainly based around an outdoor task. When you are getting house, you are able to contact people you came across through website, thus maintaining borders which makes friends.

Attending a conference is actually a chill method of getting to learn the outdoorsy people in your area. Filled with web page upon page of invites, exterior Duo’s events diary promotes brand-new members to track down a group with who to roam the slopes, check out a national park, or go cycling.

“among outcomes of this Invites area isn’t only brand-new really love, but new friendships also,” Steve stated. “I favor the pictures that outcome plus the tales that we hear.”

Into the coming many years, Steve dreams to grow the website’s reach in america and present members a lot more important opportunities to come together in the wild.

An all natural Environment For creating Friendships & Relationships

Steve feels nostalgic about every good that Outdoor Duo features accomplished throughout the years. They have heard of active society bring joy and companionship to a lot of people, and that brings him significant amounts of satisfaction. “whenever I started this site, I didn’t expect you’ll weep oftentimes,” he said. “I would receive many thanks emails advising myself of numerous years of aching loneliness and thoughts of worthlessness after acrimonious breakups becoming cured by joining the website.”

The just what Features exterior Duo completed for myself section offers consumers only a glimpse of the private connections forged inside the web site’s neighborhood. “Was genuinely just looking for a climbing friend,” wrote exterior Duo individual Dewnansek, “but seem to have located a soulmate, partner, best friend, and crazy hiking companion as well — very virtually the most effective £5 I’ll previously invest.”

“It may take annually or a couple of participating in Invites before love flowers,” Steve mentioned. “We have now had people within belated 1960s exactly who thought their unique randy lover decades were over, only to find themselves engaged and getting married.”

Exterior Duo provides actually observed members embark on the life-changing adventure of starting children with each other. Steve spoke with admiration in regards to the couple just who met on their web site, dropped in love, together with an infant. “which was really a weird sensation,” he mentioned. “inside our 2nd season, we had our very first baby produced.”

“Thank you so much for a perfectly completed site and service. Indeed, i will be leaving now because i’ve discovered someone.” — Adventure Beckons, a person on exterior Duo

Though he’s winning today, Steve informed you he’d to battle up against the unfavorable stigma of a dating website in early days of exterior Duo. “I found myself already unusual for preference to traverse ice-encrusted Alpine ridges in the middle of cold weather,” Steve mentioned, “and from now on I experienced begun a dating site — doubly odd.”

He persevered because he believed inside energy of the web to link people with each other, and then he wished to provide outdoorsy individuals a space where they could connect in vibrant techniques. Seeing exterior Duo’s development and success over time provides stored him going. He operates hard to maintain a friendly online space where daters from all areas of life can socialize and meet one another.

“After 10 years, we occasionally ponder whether or not it’s time for you to move ahead,” Steve said, “I then strike the site and watch the pleasure. It has got me experiencing cozy and fuzzy.”

Outdoor Duo Connects Adventure Seekers across the World

If you are like Steve’s friends and growing tired of walking alone, you can join Exterior Duo’s society to find active lovers going on excursions throughout the UNITED KINGDOM and me. Aimed toward outdoorsy singles, Outdoor Duo gives people the opportunity to create interactions considering common interests.

“The outdoors singles marketplace isn’t huge,” Steve revealed, “which explains why it can be so difficult for outdoorsy types to get others like all of them.”

Outdoor Duo assists daring singles leave the woodwork and connect with one another in a casual personal environment. On times once you think caught in a rut, browsing the website’s users and attending diary activities can help you satisfy a huge selection of those who enjoy the in the open air up to you will do. This site is definitely developing and growing to better provide nature-loving singles within look for companionship and companionship.

“in terms of what is actually then for Outdoor Duo, an overhaul is beginning to become very necessary,” Steve mentioned. To suit the needs of their people, Steve desires adjust the website for a mobile market searching for an adventure while on the go. Wherever you may be, Outdoor Duo helps you explore your own internet dating options and discover social possibilities in your own garden.

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